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Patronvs is a lot more than just a company!
The main idea behind this project, it's to find the gaps on our society and move right into it and exploit it. The idea of making a better world for all of us, it's not new, and as so, we have too created a private society rather than a secret society.

We have two primary goals.
Firstly, we try to be always a step ahead. If the world is not offering certain service or product yet, we will. It's just a matter of time.
Secondly, Influence is Power, and as so, our society is built on the trust of our followers & allies.

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1500 Les Champs
Concorde Stadium, Paris
(+33) 66-1254-611

New York

3200 Future Boulevard
Las Venturas, US 55947


Great Spirit UK
8547 Future Boulevard
London, UK 54851


Great Spirit DE
11200 Jaeger Stra├če
Munich, DE 47821

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